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The WELLNESS Book 5 Pack (comes with five Wellness books only, no fliers or postcards)

Get started on your Young Living® journey the right way. The Wellness book and online course series gives you everything you need to know about the Young Living® Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit, including over 100 recipes and usage ideas to get you started! This will be your go-to resource for all things oils!

  • 60 Pages
  • Full Color
  • 9x6 inches
  • Over 100 incredible recipes using the PSK
  • Includes Five $29 eCourse entries for free!
  • Includes full color eBook with pritable checklist sheets.


  • Welcome and New Member Info
  • What to Expect
  • The PSK Usage Guide Chart
  • Basics of Essential Oils
  • Essential Oil Action Groups
  • Basic Usage Guide
  • Top 20 Tips
  • Phototoxic Oils
  • Seed to Seal®
  • Quality Testing
  • How to Spot a Fake (Fractional Distillation)
  • Carrier Oils
  • Basics of Safety
  • Safety When Consuming
  • Dilution Ratios
  • Using Oils During Pregnancy & with Babies
  • Using Oils with Cats & Dogs
  • Understanding Clinical Frequency
  • The Benefits of Diffusing
  • Toxic Dust
  • How to Clean Your Diffuser
  • Diffuser Tips & Troubleshooting
  • The Young Living® Diffusers
  • Spotlight on all 12 PSK Essential Oils with Recipes
  • Extra Recipes
  • Understanding Essential Rewards 
  • Why Consider a Synthetic-Free Home
  • One Year of 100PV ER Order Ideas
  • Action Groups Chart
  • Young Living® Websites & Resources
  • Other Online Resources