Undomesticating God

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The word domesticate means to make the thing that doesn't fit, fit. Like the domesticated dog, we have successfully trained them to do their business in certain places, walk by our side, heel, sit, and come on command. We want them to live by our rules. When a person attempts to domesticate God, they do the same things. In my case, I was picking and choosing from the Bible what I decided worked for me and threw out the rest as antiquated. I remember a time in my life when I only prayed to God when it was convenient, namely, when I needed something that would serve me and my desires. Domesticating God is when a person chooses to force God's will to align with theirs. For me, I took my feelings about what I thought was right and wrong, and made sweeping assumptions that God's will was the same as mine. I took God and put Him in a box that neatly fit my standards. The sad reality is, we all have done it, each and every one of us! How, then, do we undomesticate God? This book will help you on the right path.

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