EMF Shungite with Amethyst Necklace

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EMF Shungite with Amethyst Necklace!

Russian Shungite with Amethyst on a sterling silver plated chain.

Each necklace is made by hand by Jen O'Sullivan!

Amethyst, like Lavender, is a calming stone. If you love using White Angelica, Amethyst is for you. It helps empaths protect their energy. 

Shungite is a stone deposit found only in Karelia, Russia. It is a black rock that has characteristics of both graphite and carbon and is much like our own human makeup. It contains carbon spherical ions called fullerenes and is the only rock to contain this. This structure affords Shungite its unique ability to shield electromagnetic fields. It can absorb environmental substances and is known as "the living stone" or "the miracle stone of our century." It has been studied and tested at the Saint Petersburg Military Medical Academy for its balancing and healing properties. The studies showed that Shungite has a protective effect on electromagnetic fields and can be used to shield us from EMFs found in our electrical devices such as computers, mobile devices, wifi routers, and even geo-pathogenic zones. Geo-pathogenic zones are surfaces on the Earth that have natural EMFs that are considered drastic disturbances.