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Free Download - Seasons Winter Journal

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Seasons Winter Prayer Journal

This is a free download of the book featured on Amazon. You may purchase the paperback version in Color or Black and White below. This is a not-for-profit jornal and the pricing on Amazon is what they charge to produce the book. Jen does not make any profit on this journal. You are welcome to print out the 8.5x11 version for free here on this page. 

Printed Versions: 


Scripture encourages us to pray continuously and without ceasing. Our lives can be too full and increasingly busy, and prayer sometimes gets pushed off to the side or into a small portion of your morning or evening. We know from Scripture that prayer should be essential to the Christian walk and that God lovingly desires us to walk with Him daily.

This journal is meant to help you connect with God, meditate on His word, ask for His healing forgiveness, give Him praise and thanks, and also humbly ask for His will to be done in your life. It is set up as a weekly and monthly calendar, a prayer journal, as well as a place to jot down your weekly meeting and sermon notes. Keep it in a spot that you won’t forget, and use it every day, multiple times per day. Allow this journal to become part of your daily desire to be disciplined in your Christian walk. May this journal bless you and move you a few steps closer to Jesus this season!


How to use this journal

There are three main sections: Calendar, Daily Prayer Journal, and Meeting Notes.

• Personal Calendar: The calendar section is your personal appointment and goals area.

• Daily Prayer Journal: The prayer journal section is a place for you to work through a simple journal to help you connect with God on a daily basis and to meditate on a verse.

• Meeting Notes: The meeting notes section is a place for you to keep all your sermon and weekly meeting notes along with prayer requests and a main take-aways.