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Booklet: Wellness Mapping Book

Booklet: Wellness Mapping Book

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The Wellness Mapping Booklet is perfect for hosting a party or sharing with a new customer. This is a perfect companion book to the Supplements Desk Reference and the online Wellness Mapping test at


05  Wellness Mapping Test Intro

06  Wellness Mapping Mini Test 

07  Wellness Mapping Score Card


09  Anxiety & Stress

10  Depression & Emotions

11  Energy Support

12  Facial Wrinkles

13  Gut Health

14  Hair Health

16  Immune Health

18  Joints & Mobility

19  Joint Health

20  Sleep Support

21  Weight Reduction

23  Out of Stock Substitute Guide

24  Full Schedule & Dosage

30  Personal Schedule

31  Additional Resources


10   Mineral Magic

13   Gut Reset

14   Red Drink

17   Golden Red Drink

18   Good Day Golden Milk


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