​Palo Santo - The Spiritual Bug Repellent

Posted by Jen O'Sullivan on 24th Dec 2019

Palo Santo - The Spiritual Bug Repellent

When I first experienced Palo Santo essential oil it was by God’s intervention. I had never used it before and did not even realize I had it in my collection. Our home was filled with a negative energy that I could feel. It was so heavy and I was at a loss for what to do. I prayed that God would clear any bad spirits that were lurking in our home. I went to my oil wall to try to figure out what to diffuse because the bad spiritual energy was palpable. Instantly my eyes went to this little purple bottle that still had the seal intact. I did not think twice. I grabbed the oil, put 6 drops in the diffuser, added the water, then turned it on. Within seconds the air cleared. The nutting, woodsy, almost coconut aroma filled our living room and an instant sense of peace filled the room. I rightfully thanked God for leading me to the oil and now my curiosity was perked. I got out my resource book and looked up Palo Santo. I was shocked to see that it was considered a holy wood and was used for exactly the purpose I needed it for. God is good and even when we do not know what to do, He gives us the answers.

Next time you feel a heavy energy or spirit in your space, pull out Palo Santo, or better yet, wear it as a perfume. My guess is that the bad spirits just don’t like the smell. I like to call it my spiritual bug repellent.

Here is a little info on this brilliant little gem: In Spanish the word Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) means “holy wood” and is from the same family of trees as Frankincense and Myrrh. It is a tree that is known for its grounding, cleansing, and healing properties and is historically used to clear bad spirits and cleanse the air. It was discovered by Spanish monks. It has been used for centuries as a smudging tool to help release spaces of negative energy. The trees must rest on the earth after they fall on their own for several years before the oil can be extracted. Cutting a Palo Santo tree down is illegal and also causes the oil to not be at its fullest. Young Living’s Palo Santo is the best you can find. It is a full-bodied, fully sustainable, and unadulturated essential oil. Use Palo Santo as a personal fragrance or in your diffuser and enjoy its incredible benefits every day!

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