Coffee Enema for Liver Detox

Coffee Enema for Liver Detox

The Effects of a Coffee Enema

There are two types of toxins that your liver breaks down. Water soluble toxins and fat soluble toxins. Water soluble toxins are broken down as they pass through the liver and then are passed to the kidneys in the form of urine. Fat soluble toxins are broken down and dissolved with the bile that is produced by the liver. This bile is stored in the gallbladder before emptying into your small intestines to and then is eliminated with the feces. 

The small bile duct is only four millimeters in diameter. This is why the bile duct eventually gets blocked. When you perform a coffee enema, the caffeine and water are absorbed directly into the liver through the hepatic veins. The caffeine then stimulates the bile duct to dilate or open up and the water helps to unclog and flush out the bile duct. This allows the toxins to freely flow out of the bile duct allowing the liver to be cleansed and renewed.

Coffee also contains palmitic acid which helps to increase the production of liver supporting and detoxifying enzyme called glutathione. It can increase glutathione production by up to 700%. Glutathione is a key enzyme in keeping the liver clean by fighting and removing free radicals and toxins from the blood. All of your blood passes through your liver once every three minutes. When you keep the coffee in your colon for 15 minutes, your blood is cleansed and detoxified five times.

This effect is not the same when you drink coffee. Drinking coffee makes the caffeine hit the stomach and then the brain directly for a caffeine hit. Drinking coffee disrupts your endocrine system. When you use coffee in your colon, all of the coffee is absorbed through the hepatic veins directly into the liver, cleansing it and supporting glutathione production.


Coffee Enema Instructions 


  • Filtered water
  • Light or medium roast ORGANIC coffee
  • Fine mesh coffee strainer
  • Enema bag or bucket with tubing 
  • Towel, paper towels or tissues, wet wipes
  • Pillow for head
  • Timer (cell phone works)
  • Drinking water (stay hydrated)
  • Lubricant (carrier oil or lotion)


  • Complete a Coffee Enema once a week for four weeks, and then monthly to quarterly for maintenance. 
  • If you are constipated, start with a hydro-enema first (only filtered water), then immediately perform a coffee enema. 
  • Hydro-enema: 2 cups of room temp water retained for 15 minutes. 


  • Boil 4 cups of filtered water 
  • Add 3 heaping teaspoons of organic light or medium roast coffee
  • Lower heat to simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Strain coffee out into a bowl and cover to let cool.
  • Once cooled to room temperature, you may perform the enema. 

How to do the enema

  1. Place a towel on the floor near the bathroom near a place that you can hang the bag securely around 4-5 feet above the ground. Have a timer, wet wipes, paper towels, drinking water, and head pillow next to you. 
  2. WITH THE TUBE LOCK ENGAGED, pour half of the enema solution into the bag. Prime the tube by opening the tube lock and letting out the air into the bathtub or shower. Lock the tube. 
  3. Lay down on your back, place some lubricant such as carrier oil on the tip or the applicator, and insert the tip into the anus by about 2 inches. 
  4. Unlock the tube for 2-3 seconds allowing the coffee to flow in. Then lock it for 2-3 seconds. Continue to unlock and lock it for 2-3 seconds at a time until the entire bag contents is in your colon (half of the coffee - about 1.5 to 2 cups). 
  5. Lay on your RIGHT side for 12-15 minutes.
  6. Cramping is normal. When you can no longer hold it, get up and go to the toilet to eliminate the coffee. 
  7. Wash up, and repeat the cycle a second time with the other half of the coffee.


  • Once completed, fully clean yourself and your toilet.
  • Fully clean out the bag and tubing. 
  • Soak the insertion tip in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. 
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Great explainatin and protocol procedures Jen! I usually take the full 32 oz and have not performed half the dose and repeat. Does this make the second dose more effective since everything has flushed out toxins the first round? I’ll split the dose next time and notice how I feel :)
Thanks for all you do, Annette

Annette Kylander

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