The Seven Book Bundle Set by Jen O'Sullivan

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NOTE: This set DOES NOT include the new Supplements book. Please purchase that at

Information: Get one of each of all of Jen O'Sullivan’s Books plus a single set of the educational tools! Save 50% when you bundle! The retail price is $106, bundle and get all of the following for only $53!


  1. The RECIPE Book with over $300 in free bonuses (see bookmark insert for bonus URL)
  2. VITALITY with $500 additional online bonus material (email for bonuses)
  3. The Essential Oil Truth: The Facts Without the Hype
  4. French Aromatherapy: Essential Oil Recipes & Usage Guide
  5. Essential Oil Make & Takes
  6. Essentially Driven: The Young Living Essential Oils Business Handbook
  7. Live Well: Essential Oils for Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance (UPDATED VERSON)
  8. A single set of the educational cards (App recipe card, Price Drop Card, Top 48 EO Usage Guide, Brand Comparison Chart, ER, Starter Challenge, and PSK cards )

Every order gets a bonus pack of worth over $800
must email your receipt or a photo of you with your books to

1. The 7 Book Pack  ($106 value)
2. The Vitality eBook ($15.99 value)
3. The Recipe eBook ($8.99 value)
4. Full online class script with 35 social media posts ($175 value)
5. 30+ Book Club Videos ($49 value)
6. The 55 Oils Usage Guide digital download ($10 value)
7. The Canadian Essential Oil Usage Guide digital download ($9 value)
8. The Supplement Schedule & Allergy Guide digital download ($10 value)
9. Healthy Lifestyle Worksheet Digital Download ($10 value)
10. Twelve Customer Training videos on YouTube private link ($60 value)
11. Thirteen Business Training videos on YouTube private link ($65 value)
12. Printable USA Young Living Price Guide ($10 value)
13. Printable Hot Words List ($5 value)
14. Printable Allergen List ($5 value)
15. Printable Supplement Schedule ($5 value)
16. Printable Healthy Lifestyle Test and Analysis ($10 value)
17. Oil Mapping Training Video & Script ($20 value)
18. Make & Take Training Video & Script ($20 value)
19. Action Groupings Digital Download ($5)
20. Price per drop card and mini recipe card
21. The Gifting Recipe Guide using the PSK (10 each of 10 different gifts to make 100 total gifts.)
22. Printable Recipe Cards for Gift Guide
23. Printable PSK Gifting Labels
24. Printable Sticker Sets for Book Sections
25. Complete Link Resource for Supplies
26. 50 Scientific Published Studies and Research Articles about Essential Oils
27. Video Training: How to Host a Party & Get People to Show Up
28. Video Training: How to Make Labels from Scratch
29. Video Training: How to Make 100 Gifts Using the PSK (10 different gifts times 10 each) .