31 Oils is run by Tim & Jen O'Sullivan. Tim does all the shipping (he's the one who makes sure your packages are meticulously packaged so nothing comes dented). Jen does all the graphics, design, and writing. 31 Oils opened in 2017 and has been a blessing to the O'Sullivan family, bringing Tim home after 12 years working the graveyard shift. 

About Tim 

timheadshot.jpgTim is your classic green. He loves everything to have its place and likes order. He is very particular with each product that leaves his warehouse and is known for throwing away products when they have the slightest "blem" as he calls them. He is a behind the scenes kind of guy, but loves to laugh and will greet you with a big smile when you meet him if you get the chance. He loves the outdoors and mountain bike rides or snowboards most days of the year. Tim has been using Young Living since 2007, and joined as a member in 2018 under his own name. 

About Jen 

60637709-1300994533385158-531111983626321920-n-2-.jpgJen believes that getting to the root of the problem is vital to full health and restoration and utilizes a whole-body system approach of care with her students and customers. She has been a Young Living member since 2007, and is one of the most followed educators because she is known for her up-front and to the point education style. She gives more free educational content on a regular basis than anyone in the industry and is the author of 7 Amazon best-sellers. She, along with over 100 Young Living distributors, have developed the largest most comprehensive essential oil education and recipe usage app on the market today called “The EO Bar” along with an easy to use PSK explainer app called “Live Well with Young Living”. She is certified in French Medicinal Aromatherapy through the New York School for Aromatic Studies and has been a professional educator since 1999, at both the collegiate and high school levels. She is lovingly known as “The oil lady to the oil ladies” and has a desire to help educate anyone interested in essential oils. Her online education group of over 225,000 oil enthusiasts called The Human Body and Essential Oils is her main group where she teaches proper usage and safety with essential oils. She has studied health and nutrition since 2007 and has the ability to take complicated information and share it in a way that makes it easy to understand. Jen lives in Southern California with her husband who was also her High School sweetheart Tim and their son Jacob. She desires for everyone to use essential oils and learn how they can easily incorporate them into a more healthful lifestyle.




64415957-10156376406111381-8960107459486154752-o.jpgAbout Jacob 

Jacob is our son who is 11. He helps us out every so often making the boxes or helping to pack orders into the pickup bin. He is headed into Junior High this year and is pretty much a typical kid that has only child syndrome. 

62141165-10156373660706381-3771567974125666304-n.jpgAbout Dash

Dash is our newest addition to the family. He drives everyone crazy but we all love him. He is a small miniature pinscher but can outrun pretty much every dog in the neighborhood.



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