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The Vitality Lifestyle Coaching Program (VLC) is a course offered that covers all 600+ products that Young Living carries and will arm you with the confidence you need to live a healthier life AND help others along the way.

The course is a self-paced course. There are 11 units that will take you 12 months to complete. It is currently only offered on Facebook and will be available next year on a web platform. The content is in English only.

For a limited time the course is $399 USD (normally $799 USD). 


  • Jen O’Sullivan with special guests:
  • Dr. Olivier Wenker
  • Dr. Lindsey Elmore
  • Dr. Doug Corrigan
  • Dr. Ben Perkus
  • Dr. Lisa Wilkerson
  • Dr. Peter Minke
  • Chris Opfer
  • Sarah Harnisch
  • Lucy Libido
  • Jordan Schrandt
  • Jason Sapp
  • Emily Podleski Morrow
  • Ellen Whealton
  • Jade Shutes
  • Cindi Garabedian 
  • Ashley Boyd

Plus more!


Please go to www.31oils.com/VLC to see the syllabus!