Team Vitality

Team Vitality is a family of Young Living users and distributors. There are four main components to the community. It is $30 per month billed annually and gets you the best of the best! It is a membership based group that you will absolutely LOVE! JOIN HERE

#1 Business Training
Each year we do a new program. This year we are focusing on team building and team resources for training and eduction. 

#2 Resources
Hundreds of resources such as printable graphics, photos, social media posts, team business posts, and online scripts. Every so often a very difficult subject comes up that Jen does a video just for this group on such as on specific companies or drama in the industry.

#3 Weekly Chats
Weekly open Q&A on Monday’s at 5:00pm PST. These are recorded so if you cannot make it, you can simply binge watch. There is a massive amount of education in each call.

#4 Get your Questions Answered
The Team Vitality community is amazing and super supportive. If you are looking for a positive place to learn and thrive, Team Vitality is your spot! You can post any question for the group and Jen to help you get the best, well-rounded answers.

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