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24 pack Supplements Desk Reference - 2nd Edition

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24 pack of the SDR (black and white) ALL SALES ARE FINAL! 
Shipping is $15 (the actual cost for us to ship this set is $20 insurred. We cannot ship these media mail as we add extra fliers in for you which goes against media mail rules). USA addresses only or you can open a consolidator address with a company such as Kango.

The Second Edition of the “Supplements Desk Reference” by Jen O’Sullivan, covers all of Young Living’s® nutrition-based supplements. Each supplement showcases the ingredients and what those ingredients are known to support, so you can be sure if it is the right one for you. It contains specific protocols using Young Living’s® recommended directions for areas such as hormone support, liver support, bone health, pregnancy and breastfeeding guidelines, glucose and cholesterol support, weight management, stress and sleep support, along with the basics of child, dog, cat, and horse health. The SDR contains a comprehensive list of dosage and age requirements, common potential allergens, religious friendly ingredients (halal and kosher), common interactions, and cautions, along with a complete list of all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and herbs found in the Young Living® products, easily referencing the supplements in which each are contained.


New Supplements!
• Added Super Vitamin D
• Added KidScents Unwind
• Added YL Vitality Drops
New Charts and Lists!
• Out of Stock Substitutes chart
• Adult and Child Dosage chart
• Minimum Age chart
• When to Take chart
• Updated Vegan list
• Updated Allergy list
• Kosher Friendly list
• Halal Friendly list
Newly Added Protocols!
• Post-menopause
• Kid’s infant to toddler
• Kid’s School Focus
• Kid’s sleep support
• Lymphatic support
• Metal detox protocol
Additional Updates:
• Expiration & Storage explanation
• Updated and added icons
• Many Supplements have Reformulated Ingredients
• Expanded and updated index
• New Recipe cards in protocols
• Labeling Regulations explanation
• Abbreviation Key
• Units Conversions Key


  • Learn about every Young Living® supplement and the ingredients in each one.
  • Learn what each ingredient does in your body.
  • Learn all about the Vitality™ line essential oils and what body systems to use them for.
  • Have a complete allergen list for items such as gluten, dairy, corn, soy, nuts, and others.
  • Know which ones are Kosher and Halal friendly.
  • Learn about drug and medical interactions.
  • Know exactly when to take each supplement.
  • Find out which supplements may be duplicates.
  • Find out what to use when one is out of stock.
  • Learn which ones should not be taken together.
  • Learn about storage and expiration dates.
  • Learn the age minimums for each.
  • Get kids dosing for adult supplements and adult dosing for kids supplements.
  • Learn the difference among all the enzymes.
  • Learn the difference among all hormone pills.
  • See a complete list of each vitamin and mineral and which ones contain it and at what amount.
  • Get specific protocols for important areas in your life such as emotions, energy, cleansing, cholesterol, diabetes, gut health, hormones, immune function, metal detox, pregnancy, and many others including kids, teens, and pets!