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NOTE: This item will not ship until after convention. If we have any left over from Convention you will get this package. If they sell out, you will not recieve your book bundle until the END OF AUGUST or even possibly the beginning of September. This is a PRE-SALE only. 


  1. The RECIPE Book with over $300 in free bonuses (see bookmark insert for bonus URL)
  2. VITALITY with $500 additional online bonus material (email VitalityBook@gmail.com for bonuses)
  3. The Essential Oil Truth: The Facts Without the Hype
  4. French Aromatherapy: Essential Oil Recipes & Usage Guide
  5. Essential Oil Make & Takes
  6. Essentially Driven: The Young Living Essential Oils Business Handbook
  7. Live Well: Essential Oils for Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance (UPDATED VERSON)
  8. Supplements Desk Reference (ARC)
  9. BONUS: A single set of the educational cards (App recipe card, Price Drop Card, Top 48 EO Usage Guide, Brand Comparison Chart, ER, Starter Challenge, and PSK cards )


The “Supplements Desk Reference” by Jen O’Sullivan, covers all 52 of Young Living’s® supplements. It contains specific protocols using Young Living’s® recommended directions for support areas such as hormones, liver support, bone health, glucose, cholesterol, gluten allergies, weight management, stress, and sleep, along with the basics of child, dog, cat, and horse health. The SDR contains a comprehensive list of common allergens along with a complete list of all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and herbs found in the Young Living® products and which supplements that contain them. When you need to know what the best supplement is to take, in order to get more vitamin D, you will be able to know the answer right away... it’s OmegaGize3™.

NOTE: The first copy is the Advance Readers Copy without the convention items. Please wait to order until the official launch in August for the final edition.