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The Two Dozen Team Pack!
Get 24 members started on the right foot! They each get over $500 in business starter bonus extras plus you are getting the absolute lowest price per book at only $12.50 per book! That is over $12,000 worth of items for only $300. Yep! Crazy Pants!! But I am also giving you a free team live video on any content you want? Need help getting people to share ER? I’ll do a video on that! Or how about helping them break through limiting beliefs? I have been a business coach for 9 years and can inspire them to change their mindsets. I can also convince them to clean out all the toxins in their homes. Seriously, anything you want me to talk about and I am yours for a 20 minute session per VITALITY TEAM BUNDLE you purchase. I love love love giving you all free stuff and this will help grow your business in ways you never thought possible!

VITALITY: The Young Living Lifestyle

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Every book gets a seat in the freebie group on Facebook with a bonus pack worth over $500
1. The VITALITY paper back book AUTOGRAPHED by Jen through the month of July! ($15.99 value)
2. The Vitality eBook ($15.99 value)
3. The Recipe eBook ($8.99 value)
4. Full online class script with 35 social media posts ($175 value)
5. 30+ Book Club Videos ($49 value)
6. The 55 Oils Usage Guide Insert and digital download ($10 value)
7. The Brand Comparison Chart Insert and digital download ($10)
7. The Canadian Essential Oil Usage Guide digital download ($9 value)
8. The Supplement Schedule & Allergy Guide Insert and digital download ($10 value)
9. Healthy Lifestyle Worksheet Insert and Digital Download ($10 value)
10. Twelve Customer Training videos on YouTube private link ($60 value)
11. Thirteen Business Training videos on YouTube private link ($65 value)
12. Printable USA Young Living Price Guide ($10 value)
13. Printable Hot Words List ($5 value)
14. Printable Allergen List ($5 value)
15. Printable Supplement Schedule ($5 value)
16. Printable Healthy Lifestyle Test and Analysis ($10 value)
17. Oil Mapping Training Video & Script ($20 value)
18. Make & Take Training Video & Script ($20 value)
19. Entry into the private Facebook secret club (Value: Priceless)



Jen O’Sullivan is one of the most trusted resources for Young Living essential oil education. This book will help all users, from first-time Premium Starter Kit owners, to seasoned Young Living veterans. It will answer most of the questions you have and many you never thought to ask. “VITALITY” walks you through the majority of the Young Living product line and helps you make the shift to a healthy lifestyle. It is filled with recipes and fun topics that will get you excited about the journey ahead. Here’s to a life filled with more wellness, more purpose, more abundance, and more vitality!

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