The RECIPE Book with Jen O’Sullivan

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Over 250 amazingly effective recipes for Topical and Aromatic covering Emotional, Physical, and Mental Health along with some fun Kids, and Dog recipes, plus a bonus infused beverage section for wine, beer, champaign, coffee, NingXia®, shakes, and lemonade!

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• The INCREDIBLE Bookmark (You will not want to miss out on this one!)
• The Gifting Recipe Guide using the PSK (10 each of 10 different gifts to make 100 total gifts.)
• Printable Recipe Cards for Gift Guide
• Printable PSK Gifting Labels
• Printable Sticker Sets for Book Sections
• Complete Link Resource for Supplies
• 50 Scientific Published Studies and Research Articles about Essential Oils
• Video Training: How to Host a Party & Get People to Show Up
• Video Training: How to Make Labels from Scratch (Facebook Video)
• Video Training: How to Make 100 Gifts Using the PSK (10 different gifts times 10 each) .

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