GC/MS Reports from Young Living

Why won’t Young Living share their Certificates of Analysis (CAs) or their gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) reports openly online like every other company?

Young Living is the best and their oils are different than everyone else’s. That’s a fact. While you can go to any of their farms and photograph current reports from current batches they are working on, they won’t readily give them out online. Giving out their GC/MS reports would be like the most famous chef in the world giving out his or her recipes. The report is the exact fingerprint to their oils and their success. The moment Young Living openly gives their reports out, other companies will modify and adulterate their oils to match Young Living’s reports by adding synthetics and molecules from other species to make them look the same. Then you’ll see companies staying “Look! We sell the exact same oil as Young Living at a fraction of the cost!”

Young Living is the only company that uses frequency in the cultivation process and the only major company in the USA that doesn’t fractionated or rectify their oils. Every once in a while we get an oil batch that smells different. The rain was different, the sunshine was more or less, crop rotation caused there to be more nutrients in the soil, all these things add to the way the final oil smells and responds to us therapeutically. That’s an excellent thing, because it allows our body to dynamically in our dynamically changing bodies. Sadly, many customers get upset and say, “This doesn’t smell like the last bottle I got!”

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, was not concerned with fractionating or rectifying his oils. He cared that they worked, not that his customers liked how they smelled. You would not go to a grocery store and give back an orange because you’re upset that it tastes different than the last one you ate. It’s the same thing! Oils are from nature so they should be different batch to batch.

Fractional distillation pulls molecules out making it smell more pleasing. Rectification adds molecules from a different species or from a synthetic to make the aroma and CA match from batch to batch. Gary wanted nothing to do with this. Fractional distillation and rectification are commonplace in every single large essential oil company in the United States. Young Living will hopefully never allow other companies to have their recipes for success. Young Living Essential Oils are different, and in my humble and educated opinion, the best in the world!

Copyright 2019 by Jen O’Sullivan