French Aromatherapy

French Aromatherapy is a great resource to understand the French model of essential oil usage. This book contains over 300 essential oil recipes such as capsule making, layering methods, system flushing, and blending. Amazon is a great place to buy single copies, however if you would like to order multiple copies you may use the below links. Note: bulk orders may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.


Single books are $12.99 plus shipping and may be purchased on Amazon.
Pricing includes tax and shipping to USA addresses only.
ORDER HERE 100 Packs for only $6.50 per book (savings of over 50%)
ORDER HERE  50 Packs for only $7.50 per book (savings of over 40%) 
ORDER HERE 20 Pack for only $8.50 per book (savings of over 35%)

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